Your Outcomes

The business outcomes you might be looking for are probably caused by one of the following key drivers:

  • Changing a key element of your GoToMarket Strategy
  • Preparing for a merger or acquisition (M&A) – buying or selling

Below are some outcomes I can assist with. I will walk you through the value chain areas to determine where I can provide the most value, or where I can introduce you to others who are a better fit.

  • different-pathsAdd capacity to scale by launching an Independent Contractor delivery channel
  • Drive more revenue and profits by changing the sales model (to an IC model or hybrid W2/IC approach)
  • Increase leads by adding a marketing channel through the development of an alliance strategy
  • Increase efficiency by developing a knowledge management system and processes
  • Increase protection of the firms assets by improving the contracting processes and systems
  • Increase profitability by refining pricing strategies and tactics
  • Decrease ramp-up time for new sales people by creating a business development guide
  • Increase efficiency by improving sales operations processes
  • Increase leads and sales by developing a telesales/telemarketing department
  • Decrease costs by developing new financial reports and giving executives a new focus on hidden areas of profitability gains
  • Increase brand equity by creating a product development roadmap
  • Improve profitability and employee morale by developing incentive compensation plans
  • Increase efficiency by improving sales automation user adoption
  • Increase delivery bandwidth by conducting customer-facing consulting or workshop facilitation