Sales Channels – options aplenty, but what’s the right choice for your firm?

There are really two times that it is appropriate to make a decision about what channel(s) to use for your selling efforts:  1) before you launch your training/consulting firms, and 2) every day that ends in ‘y’ after your company is open for business!

Of course your ‘switching costs’ will rise in terms of changing your sales channel model after you are in business but, as history has shown, the right sales channels for a training firm change as the company evolves.

When I am asked what the right sales channel is for a training company I give the age old consulting answer of “it depends.”  Since that makes for a cr@ptastic blog entry, let me share some of the thinking I go through after that initial answer.

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Seeing my name in lights

Many thanks to Dave Stein for his kind words and taking up so much space in his blog with this interview of me.

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