Symmetrics Group

My roles with Symmetrics Group

I play a dual role: Member of the Advisory Board, and management consultant providing advice on sales, marketing, product development, and operations.

Company Description

symmetrics-logo_0Symmetrics Group is a management consulting firm focused on increasing the effectiveness of sales and marketing functions to grow revenues, optimize costs, and improve the customer experience.

• Our mission is to drive measurable and sustainable revenue growth for clients by improving the productivity and effectiveness of their sales and marketing organizations

• We work with our clients across three areas: Marketing, Sales, and Sales Operations

• Our team brings a combination of sales, sales management, sales training and management consulting experience

• We have worked with clients of all sizes and have helped to drive significant sales and overall business results

Our vision is to be recognized as having experts in sales and marketing effectiveness with a reputation for excellence. The firm is sought by those who seek to transform the way they sell and by those who have the passion, expertise, and ability to make it happen