Siebel SME & OnTarget

My roles with Siebel Systems / OnTarget Inc.

I was hired by OnTarget in November 1999, and on my first day in the office was told I’d be on the integration team when we announced our acquisition by Siebel Systems in December.

I was initially hired to manage the customer service and field operations teams. At various times in my 5 years in the organization I managed the sales force in the Eastern US, as well as worldwide sales, finance and legal operations. I ended my career there driving the development of the 2005 comp plans for the entire Siebel Professional Services organization.

Over the years we went by a number of different division names including MCS (Multi-Channel Services), and SME (Sales Methodology Experts.

My titles were the following:

  • Senior Director, Global Services Compensation (2005)
  • Managing Partner, SME Operations (2002)
  • Managing Partner, Field Operations (2000)
  • Director, Field Operations (1999)

Company Description

OnTarget99Siebel OnTarget was a $48M division when I joined, and peaked at ~$80M before beginning a rapid near-death spiral.

My time at Siebel provided me with an almost endless list of lessons learned of how not to integrate a small company into a larger one, and why an acquisition of a training firm by a software company is probably not a great idea, even if it looks like one on paper.