Miller Heiman

My roles with Miller Heiman

I initially began my professional career at Price Waterhouse as a Miller Heiman client (attending 3 classes), and then a MHI partner, implementing Lotus-Notes based automated Miller Heiman processes at Novell (and inside PWs consulting organization).

My 8 year career at MHI itself spanned these roles:

  • President, North America (1999)
  • Vice President, North America (1998)
  • Vice President, Sales & Information Technology (1997)
  • Vice President, Account Development (1996)
  • Vice President, Marketing & Information Technology (1995)
  • Director, Marketing & Telesales (1994)
  • Manager, Account Development (1993)
  • Manager, Information Technology (1991)

Company Description

MHI99Miller Heiman (now the centerpiece of MHI Global) is a proven leader in sales performance, bringing game-changing insight to sales leaders worldwide for more than 35 years. With the experience gained from more than 20,000 engagements, working with 1.5 million-plus alumni, we help businesses implement sales-execution best practices to increase close rates, reduce sales cycles and lower the cost of complex sales.

Our clients profit from our world-class selling system and repeatable methodologies, which leverage extensive research and a precise, customer-centric approach to promote sustained results.