Force Management

My roles with Force Management

I play and have played multiple roles over the years. These have always included an executive advisory function.

From the beginning my role included preparing Force Management for an eventual “exit.”  That exit happened when Force Management became part of the GrowthPlay organization.  I introduced the Force Management founders to GrowthPlay so I am doubly proud of this event.

You can see tweets I send on behalf of Force Management here: @FMtcm

You can see blog posts I have written for Force Management in their Command Center blog here.

2015: Special Projects: Sales Operations, Integration into GrowthPlay
2014: Special Projects: Sales Operations, Adoption Technology, Products, Marketing
2012: Executive Director, Sales Operations
2009: General Manager, Channel Partner Program

Company Description

FM_logo[web-300]Force Management is a management consulting and training firm focused on driving sales transformation – dramatically increasing revenue per seller for our clients. We help B2B companies in a few different ways:

The Command of the Message solution helps strengthen customer interactions by showing the sales force how to better articulate their value and differentiation. This is done by connecting sales, marketing, and product teams together to create easy to use (and sales-consumable) marketing collateral and sales messaging content. This is combined with training designed to create an “audible-ready” sales team who knows how to better uncover customer needs, articulate value and differentiate solutions in their sales and negotiation activities.

While the Command of the Message solution helps sales teams know what to say, the Command of the Sale solution helps align sales execution with how customers want to buy – by showing the sales team what to do and when to do it through a buyer-centric sales process and tools to more effectively qualify and manage opportunities.

Force Management also helps sales managers develop a more effective cadence to run their business by focusing on sales planning and talent management:

The Command of the Plan methodology develops a set of forecasting and pipeline building best practices that links to existing investments in opportunity and account management methodologies.

The Command of the Talent methodology and training helps sales managers more effectively recruit, hire, train, and develop top sales talent by integrating the talent management responsibilities into their regular management operating rhythm.

These solutions are installed to help transform a sales organization through our signature implementation road map and adoption model.