Book Endorsements

I am proud to have had my endorsements included in two great books on selling.

SelltoCSuiteSelling to the C-Suite

by Nic Read & Steve Bistritz.  Published August 18, 2009

This book is like a one day MBA in Selling to Executives. A must read for sales professionals – both new and experienced – who want to get better at their craft.







99questions99 Questions to Achieving Your Sales Goals

by Terry Walsh & David Falter.  Published March 1, 2012

My first reaction was ‘where are all the answers?’, but as I went through the book I realized the power and elegant simplicity of forcing you to think through your own answers to each question. Assign one of these questions to each of your sales reps on a weekly basis and you have a great foundation for development and coaching.


I’m especially proud that Terry Walsh actually used my quote on the cover of his book!