Book Endorsements

I am proud to have written one book foreword as well as have had my endorsements included in two other great books on selling.

Art of B2B Questioning cover

The Art of B2B Questioning

by Bobby Knight.  Published 2018

Excerpt from Foreword:   One of the things I loved about this book was how it seems to have something for everyone.  Sellers new to the profession (or Millennials new to the business world) will get a lot of information that can change the trajectory of their sales career.  25 year veterans like myself will also find a lot of value, ranging from the simple (new questions that spark a great idea) to the more complex (for me that was Bobby’s point around “It’s easier to change someone’s thinking than to change how they feel about something.”)



SelltoCSuiteSelling to the C-Suite

by Nic Read & Steve Bistritz.  Published August 18, 2009

This book is like a one day MBA in Selling to Executives. A must read for sales professionals – both new and experienced – who want to get better at their craft.







99questions99 Questions to Achieving Your Sales Goals

by Terry Walsh & David Falter.  Published March 1, 2012

My first reaction was ‘where are all the answers?’, but as I went through the book I realized the power and elegant simplicity of forcing you to think through your own answers to each question. Assign one of these questions to each of your sales reps on a weekly basis and you have a great foundation for development and coaching.


I’m especially proud that Terry Walsh actually used my quote on the cover of his book!