The $10 a year website for new training firms and independent contractors

Originally published November 16, 2009 on my original blog, Sales Training 2.0.

I’ve been talking to a number of people recently who fall into a couple of camps

  • starting a training firm, or at least hanging out a shingle to be a training firm
  • starting life as an IC for a training firm
  • starting to represent multiple firms as an IC and wondering how to convey your new multi-faceted message

Some books and articles advise new ICs and business owners to avoid making the time and monetary investment of setting up their own website.   I agree in principle because many new entrepreneurs focus on the wrong things when they start their business – especially when it comes to ‘advertising, marketing and promotion.’   However I know that many salespeople lose credibility with their prospects who look to the web to ‘authenticate’ the people selling to them.

I would suggest two options that can work for a new IC – one of which that can also work for a new 1 to 3 person training company.

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Seeing my name in lights

Many thanks to Dave Stein for his kind words and taking up so much space in his blog with this interview of me.

If you aren’t a subscriber to Dave’s blog you can do that here.  Dave is the only analyst solely focusing on the sales training space and posts content that is of interest to both training firms as well as buyers of sales training (you know, everyone else in the world!).

Dave runs his research through his firm ES Research, where you can read some free content or subscribe to get access to deep dive reports on training companies or assorted topics related to training.

Please do me the favor of checking out Dave’s blog.