The $10 a year website for new training firms and independent contractors

Originally published November 16, 2009 on my original blog, Sales Training 2.0.

I’ve been talking to a number of people recently who fall into a couple of camps

  • starting a training firm, or at least hanging out a shingle to be a training firm
  • starting life as an IC for a training firm
  • starting to represent multiple firms as an IC and wondering how to convey your new multi-faceted message

Some books and articles advise new ICs and business owners to avoid making the time and monetary investment of setting up their own website.   I agree in principle because many new entrepreneurs focus on the wrong things when they start their business – especially when it comes to ‘advertising, marketing and promotion.’   However I know that many salespeople lose credibility with their prospects who look to the web to ‘authenticate’ the people selling to them.

I would suggest two options that can work for a new IC – one of which that can also work for a new 1 to 3 person training company.

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