Change Management: Leveraging Rational Thinking

Originally posted July 5, 2015 as a LinkedIn post.

I read a recent article that struck me as a great guide for consideration when thinking about implementing any business change initiative, and especially sales training/effectiveness initiatives.

The article “A User’s Guide to Rational Thinking” by Christie Aschwanden (@cragcrest) was in the July/August 2015 issue of Discover Magazine.   Yes, a science magazine had great ideas applicable to business!

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Moving to Virtual Instructor Led Training

And now for something completely different1 … instead of passing along my own bright ideas I thought I would show that I live my life as suggested by a former boss – surrounded by people smarter than me.  One of those smart peeps is Ian Savage, a consultant who has reinvented himself as the master of “Virtual Instructor-Led Training (ILT).”

For those of you not familiar with the concept, consider yourself lucky!  Most of the training firms I know have been dragged down this path because their biggest clients have imposed travel freezes that effectively kill off their chances to make money the old-fashioned way of running two day workshops.  Virtual ILT is another name for “Web-Based Instructor-Led Training,” and I’m assuming most of you don’t need a decoder ring to know what that implies.

Some firms, like Infomentis, have already invested heavily in this area.  When I first heard about what they were doing I was shocked because I didn’t realize web-meeting technology had gotten to the point of allowing breakout rooms so you could mirror a ‘regular’ class.

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