4 Ways to Cut Cost of Sales (Without Cutting Heads)

Originally Posted in 2016 on the Symmetrics Group blog.


Like many business projects, sales effectiveness projects are often focused on the big 3 – Increasing revenue, cutting costs and/or reducing risks.

When we talk to sales leaders, the primary stated business objectives of sales transformation projects usually tie back to increasing revenue – capturing new accounts, improving up-sell and cross-sell, increasing renewal rates, increasing revenue per seller productivity.  Reducing cost of sales (COS) could also be, and should also be, considered when establishing the metrics of success in new sales effectiveness initiatives.

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Change Management: Leveraging Rational Thinking

Originally posted July 5, 2015 as a LinkedIn post.

I read a recent article that struck me as a great guide for consideration when thinking about implementing any business change initiative, and especially sales training/effectiveness initiatives.

The article “A User’s Guide to Rational Thinking” by Christie Aschwanden (@cragcrest) was in the July/August 2015 issue of Discover Magazine.   Yes, a science magazine had great ideas applicable to business!

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