The Plague of Sameness for Sales Effectiveness Firms

The genesis of this paper was the Chairman of the Board for a large training firm asking me “What’s the difference between my firm and <2nd firm we both know>?  I was just reviewing their website and they say the same things we do!?”

These two firms have never competed for business, and in fact, have referred business to each other.  One is considered a Management Consulting firm, while the other is known more as a Sales Training firm.

As the answer to his question was starting to formulate in my mind I realized this question gets to the unspoken truth in the Sales Effectiveness industry – everyone sounds the same!

While this paper was written directly to my friends who own or lead sales consulting and training rims, it will hopefully be valuable to buyers of sales effectiveness services as well.

What follows are thoughts on why firms sound so similar, where there are (or should be) differences and a few starter ideas on what actions they should be taking.  I’ll also take a brief foray to the Bermuda’s Triangle for differentiators.

Here is the full white paper (no email required): White Paper: The Plague of Sameness.

42 Trends and Predictions for 2017

As is wont to happen every new year, our RSS feeds and email newsletter in-boxes are filled with “top trends” from “experts” in numerous fields.  While some of these “trends” are thinly veiled plugs from consultants or trainers who want you to believe that you need exactly what they happen to be selling, that doesn’t mean we have to throw the trendy baby out with the predictive bath waters.

For my friends in the sales effectiveness space, here are some of the trends reported that might be worth a deeper inspection.  For convenience (mine and yours, I hope) I bundled Trends together with some Predictions and expected Top Risks.

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