Training Course Expertise

Courses that I have attended – and therefore methodologies that I have used or taught.

Symmetrics Group

  • Bunnell Idea Group: GrowBIG

Force Management

  • Command of the Message
  • Command of the Sale
  • Command of the Talent
  • Command of the Plan
  • Manager Coaching & Development
  • Value Negotiation
  • Leader Training: Command Series

Think! Inc.

  • Strategic Negotiation
  • Leader Training: Strategic Negotiation
  • Impax: Strategic Account Sales

Applied Concepts Institute/FocusOMR (Sales Optimizer)

  • Sales Management Leadership Program
  • Opportunity Optimizer
  • Leader Training: Opportunity Optimizer
  • Insightful Questioning

Siebel Systems

  • Target Account Selling
  • Enterprise Selling Process

Miller Heiman

  • Tactical Telesales
  • Leader Training: Strategic Selling
  • Leader Training: Conceptual Selling
  • Leader Training: LAMP
  • Leader Training: Tactical Telesales
  • Decker: Presentation Skills Training

Price Waterhouse

  • Miller Heiman Strategic Selling
  • Miller Heiman Conceptual Selling
  • Miller Heiman LAMP
  • Novell: Performance Profiles on Negotiation