About Tom

I am a specialized generalist in the sales effectiveness space:

  • 20+ year veteran of the sales methodology and training industry as a client, then a practitioner, and then a consultant to the consultants
  • Experience across direct, inside and indirect sales channels
  • Diverse cross-functional experience including customer success, account management, marketing, product development, SFA/CRM, consulting, finance, compensation, legal, training facilitation, systems, alliances, recruiting, and operations. Did I mention diverse?
  • Senior Leadership experience inside firms ranging from $3M to $80M annual revenue
  • Consulting experience with firms from $100K to $50M annual revenue
  • Facilitation and consulting experience in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin America
  • M&A experience as a buyer, a seller, and also integration efforts post M&A
  • Thought leader: author of numerous blogs and articles and past speaker to groups of 10 to 300 attendees
  • I believe in a world of abundance, co-opetition, and Paying it Forward – so don’t hesitate to ask me a question or for an introduction to someone in my network.

For more information check me out on LinkedIn.

T_MartinSpecialties: sales methodology, sales and negotiation training and consulting, account & opportunity management, channel sales and management, sales operations, marketing, sales & marketing messaging, training company operations, sales talent management, merger & acquisition (private equity) and exit planning