Moving to Virtual Instructor Led Training

And now for something completely different1 … instead of passing along my own bright ideas I thought I would show that I live my life as suggested by a former boss – surrounded by people smarter than me.  One of those smart peeps is Ian Savage, a consultant who has reinvented himself as the master of “Virtual Instructor-Led Training (ILT).”

For those of you not familiar with the concept, consider yourself lucky!  Most of the training firms I know have been dragged down this path because their biggest clients have imposed travel freezes that effectively kill off their chances to make money the old-fashioned way of running two day workshops.  Virtual ILT is another name for “Web-Based Instructor-Led Training,” and I’m assuming most of you don’t need a decoder ring to know what that implies.

Some firms, like Infomentis, have already invested heavily in this area.  When I first heard about what they were doing I was shocked because I didn’t realize web-meeting technology had gotten to the point of allowing breakout rooms so you could mirror a ‘regular’ class.

Of course this is where the danger lies … assuming you should base your Virtual ILT on your face-to-face ILT workshops.  Ian spells out the top 10 mistakes he made along the way on his journey to becoming the master of vILT.

I’d encourage you to read the white paper “So you think you can WebEx” or pass it along to the people responsible for sales or product development in your firm.  It may open their eyes on a new potential revenue stream, and a way to avoid losing revenue to travel freezes.   Ian is available on a project or retainer basis if your firm would like to develop a Virtual ILT solution in less time and with fewer “first-timer” mistakes.


1Instead of a reference to a rock song this is even better, a reference to Monthy Python.  Even more appropriate since the author of the attached article is also British