Unwinnable Deals – A big problem especially during a recession

Originally published January 31, 2009 on my original blog, Sales Training 2.0.

One of the roles I occasionally play for training and consulting firms that I am working with is one of Thought Leadership.   In January 2007 this article I wrote was published under my name and that of a salesperson for Applied Concepts Institute in a now defunct Rochester, NY magazine called Business Strategies.

Reading the large number of articles and blog posts recently that highlight all the differences in selling and marketing during a recession I thought about this article … and how its message is true during economic times both good and bad.

If you are working with/for a training firm that teaches some method or process on opportunity assessment or measuring against ideal opportunity criteria, I’d encourage you not to be the cobblers kid and not use your own ‘stuff.’  However if you don’t have something like that in your arsenal give this a quick read – and if you need to intro to a firm that focuses on opportunity assessments in their methodology let me know.

For those of you looking to jump to the end …

here are the warning signs listed in the article that a deal you are pursuing might be unwinnable:

  1. No Driving Force (or what some call a Compelling Event, Compelling Gap, Trigger Event, or the reason the buying influence is now in Growth or Trouble Mode)
  2. Not enough insight and intelligence
  3. Not enough access
  4. Not enough business value

Review the Unwinnable deals PDF here

And if you want to see the original, unpublished, version of the document from October 2005 (with more of my ‘special’ style of humor), click here.