Opportunity Assessment Approaches

Originally published January 31, 2009 on my original blog, Sales Training 2.0.

Over the years there have been a number of consulting and training firms who have provided ways of assessing opportunities.  For the benefit of my readers who don’t have an Opportunity Assessment approach in their methodology I pass these along and encourage you to have a standard Opportunity Assessment process for use by your salespeople … it’s one way to prevent them from pursuing too many unwinnable deals.

Fundamental Questions for Business Evaluation

  1. Is it Real?
  2. Can We Win?
  3. Is it Worth it?

– Don Schrello, 1974, Product Evaluation and Planning Seminar

The Opportunity Evaluator

  1. Can we add value?
  2. Should we pursue?
  3. Can we compete?
  4. Are we aligned to win?

– Jim Holden, 2002, The Selling Fox

Opportunity Assessment

  1. Is there an opportunity?
  2. Can we compete?
  3. Can we win?
  4. Is it worth winning?

– Target Marketing Systems,1989, Target Account Selling Seminar

And in another area, Product Portfolio management, this came in a Harvard Business Review article in 2007.

Managing Risk and Reward in an Innovation Portfolio

  1. Is it Real?
  2. Can We Win?
  3. Is it Worth Doing?

–  George Day, Harvard Business Review December 2007