121+ Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Training Company

Originally published January 16, 2009 on my original blog, Sales Training 2.0.

Here’s a small sampler …

20. Decide on what you want to do after the sale, and when

21. Consider ideal structure you would like

22. Understand earn outs

23. Locate all your legal documents

There is an excellent document created by the WLS Alliance (a partnership of Whitestone Communications and Luntz, Suleiman & Associates), of which these are 4 of their 121 (and counting) suggestions. If you think there is even a possibility that you might want to sell your training firm in the next 3 years and you don’t already have an M&A advisor that you are in love with, I would encourage you to read this document.

I would be very happy to introduce anyone to one of their managing directors as I have been extremely impressed in every dealing I have had with their group … I just wished I had known about them when the Heiman’s sold Miller Heiman back in 1999.

And for those of you who would like to talk to them without me knowing you might be on the block, you can find them at www.whitestonecommunications.com – ask for Baran Rosen or Glenn Shapiro. And of course I would apreciate if you at least tell them confidentially that this blog spurred your interest as it will help my own personal brand equity with them!